Lost Dutchman's Line of Espresso Tampers


2 Piece Tamper with Solid Brass Handle and Stainless Steel Base. This Tamper weighs almost 2 full pounds which makes for a more level tamping action. Available in 53mm and 58mm diameters. Check your porta-filter for proper size.
58mm Diameter $60
53mm Diameter $60


Custom Engraved Tampers

Engrave your name or the name of your shop on your tamper. This is the same solid brass tamper as on the left. Two lines are available for engraving making this a great gift item for baristas or shop owners.

Please specify words to be engraved in the comments section of the shopping cart, or call us at 623-217-1304.

Engraved 58mm Diameter $99
Engraved 53mm Diameter $99

Here's Jason, artisan machinist and expert lathe operator. Each of our tampers is turned out using this CNC lathe under Jason's watchful eye. Afterwards each piece is hand polished to perfection.
Solid Brass Handle,
Stainless Steel Piston,
Curved Face Tamper
  Monolithic Espresso Tamper

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1/2 pound tin-tie bag
Weighing in at a hefty 1.5 lbs., these elegant tampers were designed for ergonomics, aesthetics, and functionality. The Handle is solid brass; the piston is stainless steel with a slight curve to it; between an "American Curve' and a "European Curve" for improved sidewall adhesion of coffee grinds-to-portafilter basket. The highly-polished stainless stell face glides smoothly around the coffee grinds creating a very fine finishing polish. We believe there is not a better tamper on the market. Currently available for E61 group heads (58mm portafilter baskets). Dealer inquiries welcome.

Metallic, single-piece espresso tampers with a mirror-like finish. Custom designed, balanced, and tested by us, these 10.4 oz tampers make it easy for baristas to get a consistent 30 pound tamp. No wood handles that require periodic refinishing after heavy use. These tampers will last more that a lifetime. For E61 group heads (58mm portafilters).

$54.00 Quantity:
$25.00 Quantity: